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Yes, I knew it, but although I liked the fifth and sixth seasons Rick and Morty Crossover Walter Jesse Breaking Bad Shirt, for me it lacked something. Probably the departure of Chevy Chase and especially Donal Glover, I broke a bit the dynamics that was. In any case, it seemed to me to be two seasons to recommend. If you’ve seen the original season you won’t lose anything by refreshing your memory watching the remix. As an aperitif curiosity before the fifth arrives, I’m telling you that it’s fine, but it’s a “previously on” of 22 episodes.
I know you don’t mean to bother, but I inevitably get upset because even though you’re talking to me, we weren’t talking about questioning my tastes or preferences, we were talking about Rick and Morty. That’s why I see that this question was out of place and it wasn’t necessary to ask it, I understand that you didn’t do it with bad intentions, but the fact that it deviates from the subject we’re dealing with is what in case I find it quite annoying, I just wanted to make clear what I think about when this happens, in fact and as far as I remember is something that I always try to avoid. That is to say I try to focus on the main topic, and ask any question that deviates from this is out of place, with this I include obviously questioning the tastes of the other person, unless for example someone asks me about whether X series or film can like, obviously.

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I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t like it when you get to deviate from the main topic of conversation, but at the time of indicating this I wasn’t even angry, something upset maybe but not angry. And for the record, I don’t want bad things either, I just think that certain things are better said directly as long as they are said without resorting to insults or unnecessary personal attacks.
As for the subject that concerns us, I understand that you have more knowledge of cause on how the creator of Rick and Morty spends them, but at least in my case this series has been the first contact with a creation of this gentleman. So I can not know if indeed is going to follow the same path as in the Community series, but everything makes me think that Rick and Morty does not exactly go that way, because to start the villain who appeared slightly in the first season, nor does it look like a running gag, since in fact in the third season this has starred in one of the most interesting and serious chapters, everything makes you think that this villain has behind more elaborate motivations and background and is not going to be limited to the typical humorous villain that we get to see in other series with black and absurd humor.
As for which episodes are going to be relevant as they take out seasons, we will see that with time, maybe they will alternate or perhaps some will have more presence in front of others, time will tell us, the only certainty we have to date is that we will have a huge number of chapters to see if really the thing moves towards something more serious or simply ends up being a series where there are more occasional adventures. Personally, I would like them to alternate according to the season, that is to say that we go seeing seasons where there is more a more elaborate plot arc and others where the sporadic adventures of Rick and Morty stand out, in one way or another there is one thing I want every time I go to more, in particular I would like that the character of Morty’s sister is taking more and more protagonism, more than anything because that character has been liking me more and more as the seasons progress, obviously not to the point of eclipsing the main characters but I would like to see how she has at least some episode where she is more the main protagonist.
No, no, of course the idea was not to bother you under any circumstances with that question. I have turned to you simply because I am talking to you and it was a subject that had been attracting my attention for some time. It wasn’t the first time we’d talked about it either. I didn’t say it as something negative towards you, much less, if it has been interpreted as such I apologize. I hope that the fact that I wrote it at 1,000 in the morning and without having slept will serve as a mitigating factor. Insomnia nights tend to be fucked up.
In any case, as in the previous series by Dan Harmon (Community), the fact that there are elements of continuity between chapters and seasons does not mean that these will have a determining weight. There will be seasons with a more defined plot arc and others that are pure adventures with a slight (but important) development of background characters.
What I want to say is that Evil Morty’s plot can be quietly a running gag that maybe AT SOME TIME will be approached in a more serious way. But I still don’t think it will last more than two chapters and then go back to the status-quo. It’s happened before with the whole thing of Rick’s incarceration and his subsequent escape. Or maybe they’ll save it for the final episodes of the series.
With all this I say yes, of course there will be more episodes than you demand (and I personally also flip out loud, eye), but I do not think they will ever be the most presence or importance in the series. Dan Harmon has always been more interested in weekly escapisms than in following a story. I’m telling you this so that you don’t end up being disappointed too.
Apparently McDonalds, as a result of the bullshit, released a limited (very limited) reissue of the salsa. But it didn’t cover the quota. And I wonder: with what these people like green papers…wouldn’t it be easier to take them out and sell them like bastards…?

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I’ve already read about continuity, but I don’t mean just that, I mean situations that are occurring that point to certain consequences later on, to begin with we have a very clear antagonist that sooner or later will screw the protagonists and to finish we have everything that surrounds Rick’s past of which we’ve just come to contemplate something minimally significant.
And I’m not saying that it’s bad or good that Rick and Morty is a series with self-conclusive episodes, I’m just saying that it doesn’t just seem that way and personally I’d prefer that little by little they start to take more into account those details that point to a more serious and interesting story, because for series with self-conclusive episodes we already have a few. And what makes Rick and Morty special, at least from my point of view, is that it doesn’t look like the typical series of self-conclusive episodes, because even in some episodes that didn’t seem to be relevant there have been sketches of details that give us to understand aspects of Rick’s past or personality that help us understand how the character works.
In this case I’m not saying that Rick and Morty have stuffing, nothing further from reality, I just want to see what I express more in this series, and what I really want is to get more delleno in developing the story behind all that black and absurd humor. In fact I am convinced that this will end up happening at some point in time, although that will see with time, I hope of course to be right, although by the way, if we find episodes as great as the amusement park inside a human body, surely enjoy it as much or more as those chapters that delve into the main story, in any case I have not stopped saying “that I like more that plot that is glimpsed little by little, because it is really interesting”.
As for that question you ask me… without acrimony, it was really necessary to ask it…, it’s totally out of place with respect to all this conversation, you say you do it without bad things or anything like that, but I really find it annoying because there you have simply gone totally out of the main topic to go directly to the person. That’s why I’m not going to bother answering that question directly because I don’t see it necessary, more than anything because the fact that we’re debating a series like Rick and Morty is already a clear enough answer, each of us have our own personal criteria when it comes to enjoying movies or television series, obviously WE LIKE the series and movies in general, otherwise we wouldn’t be on this page commenting.
You don’t have to explain anything to me because in my comment I have already admitted that there is continuity between chapters. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is also a “main plot” directed towards a clear objective. Almost every chapter in the series is a semi-independent and self-concluding adventure.
In other words: if they wanted to lengthen it indefinitely and maintain the same structure, they could do it without problems. And absolutely nothing bad would happen because of it (as long as they maintained the level, of course). I know it’s not like The Simpsons, but it’s not exactly like BoJack Horseman either.
I read you always very worried about the supposed stuffing that you say they have some series and very against the episodes that do not advance with the plot. That you do it with the Marvel/Netflix series I can understand, because at the end of the day they are conceived Rick and Morty Walter Jesse Breaking Bad Crossover Shirt almost as 13-hour movies, but with something like Rick and Morty I don’t fit in.
Without acrimony or bad vibes or anything: are you sure you like series? So, in general, as a format. Because you just like cinema. Or at most the limited mini-series that became fashionable a long time ago. I say this because, if the series do something precisely, it’s not getting to the point. The episodic structure of the series encourages people to go back and forth in order to deepen their characters and keep the spectator distracted for several chapters.

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