Trip To Mars

 Trip to Mars 1938

Plot Summary

A deadly beam from space is threatening the Earth. Believing that the beam emanates from Mongo, Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe), Doctor Zarkov (Frank Shannon), Dale Arden (Jean Rogers) and stowaway reporter, Happy Hapgood (Donald Kerr), leave Earth in a spaceship to combat the attack, but find that the beam is coming from Mars. Landing on Mars, the team discovers that the wicked Queen Azura (Beatrice Roberts) has formed a partnership with Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton), who plans to destroy the Earth by extracting all of its nitrogen. Azura is planning a war against the Clay People, with whom the Earth people form an alliance. Azura keeps her people in subjection by using magic powers bestowed by a white sapphire. Flash and his friends must battle the fierce Forest People to obtain the black sapphire which can neutralise Azura’s powers, and find a way to destroy Ming’s nitron lamp before the Earth is doomed.


Number of Chapters: 15 Chapters
Studio: Universal
Color: b/w 

Chapter Titles

1) New Worlds to Conquer
2) The Living Dead
3) Queen of Magic
4) Ancient Enemies
5) The Boomerang
6) Tree Men of Mars
7) The Prisoner of Mongo
8) The Black Sapphire of Kalu
9) Symbol of Death
10) Incense of Forgetfulness
11) Human Bait
12) Ming the Merciless
13) The Miracle of Magic
14) A Beast at Bay
15) An Eye for an Eye


Director: Ford Beebe, Robert F. Hill
Producer: Barney Sarecky
Screenwriter: Ray Trampe, Normon S. Hall, Wyndham Gittens
Flash Gordon Larry (Buster) Crabbe
Dale Arden Jean Rogers
Ming the Merciless Charles Middleton
Azura, Quen of Magic Beatrice Roberts
Dr. Zarkov Frank Shannon
Happy Hapgood Donald Kerr
Prince Barin Richard Alexander
Clay King Montague Shaw
Tarnak Wheeler Oakman


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